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Online Reputation Management

Reputation is something that matters for every business. Any damage to the reputation can harm the entire business and hence, it needs to be repaired through the industry experts as soon as possible. And Synovatic Cyber Solutions proves to be an exclusive solution for all your online reputation threats and issues. We keep a keen eye on all the negative comments or any other negative search results that would be troubling your website. Our efficient team works on eliminating all the negative results from your website, publisher, or even Google, creating a positive brand for search results, creating online sentiment and brand image, reviewing management for improving and creating online review rating, and much more. Be it a small startup business or a huge organization, we come up with effective online reputation strategies and plans that suit the budget of every business. So, rely on Synovatic and gift your business a strong online presence.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Synovatic Cyber Solutions is a one-stop solution for unified digital marketing services. With a team of experienced designers and developers, we come up with a perfect marketing strategy for your business that brings qualified visitors to your website. We not only get you the right crowd but also help you convert the crowd into sales and leads. Our dynamic team provides you with excellent services like CMS, Digital competitive analysis, website design, and development services, SEO optimization, PPC advertising, Google local services advertising, retargeting services, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Watchdog assistance, reputation marketing, opinion assistance service, Payroll management, and much more. The main motto of our company is to boost additional traffic, sales, and leads to our client’s website. The services we offer are always budgeted, productive, and as per your requirements. We look after all your marketing costs, online presence, deliverables, and other essentials and optimize them for you.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization 

There are millions of results are present on the web for the same piece of information. The search engine shows most relevant searches for the particular keyword on the first page in top most position and later on the less relevant one. But sometimes putting lots of efforts on websites it may happen that your website goes missing in the search engine. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool used to optimize your website according to search engine eye. SEO is a one of the most popular organic technique of Digital marketing to gain popularity in the search engine. We are one of the best SEO Company in Pune, reviewed by our vast client base. We begin our SEO journey with Site research analysis and accordingly set unique strategy for your business to get the desired result. Our SEO expert implies strong On page and Off page SEO strategies to keep your website presence up in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Software Development

Be it software for improving the productivity, logistics, or internal communication of your employees, or overall sales, we at Synovatic serve you with the best app development services that provide you with the best user experience. Through our mobile app development services, we serve with complete development of apps, UI/UX designs for mobile app deployment and testing, business analysis, and online market publication. From ideation to delivering the concept and ongoing support, we are ready with a tailored and transformative solution that leads that is consumer-oriented. Our designers and developers serve you the latest solutions for issues like custom software development, mobile app development, advisory services, advanced technology, application support and maintenance services, and security and compliance. We also cover native and cross-platform solutions, UI/UX designs, prototyping and consulting, automated testing and QA, power management, notification, geofencing, and much more. We help businesses in building solutions that fulfill the market requirement and boost the identity of the brand.

Secure Server

Secure Server

Secure servers are the servers that protect your interaction from inadvertent recipients. Popularly termed as SSL servers, the secure servers carry on the communication between the Web browsers and Web servers with the help of decrypted, encrypted, or cryptography communication. But are you aware of the security levels of your server? Have you detected all the malware and viruses from your server? This is where Synovatic Cyber Solutions helps you out. It is our motto to deliver the safest VPS, dedicated, or cloud server as per the requirements of your business. We are capable of protecting your servers from earthquakes, hurricanes, dictatorship governments, floods, bombs, FALSE DMCA takedowns, and every other thing that hinders the effective hosting of your server. Managing any server can be quite daunting, but our team makes it easy. We keep you completely free so that you can work on other issues regarding your business with our efficient services.

Risk Management

Through risk management, organizations can easily work on improving their project management practices from tip to toe. And at Synovatic Cyber Solutions, we serve with upgraded risk management services to the wealth and asset management sectors, insurance companies, capital and banking markets, private equity sectors, etc. We provide you with a combination of quantitative, qualitative, technological, and regulatory skills. Our team includes professionals from every financial institute with features like effectiveness, efficiency, balanced risk coverage, and much more for complete compliance and risk management activities. Our risk management services include operation security risk, asset tracing, and financial fraud investigation. We are a one-stop solution for various activities like ransomware, wire fraud, civil litigation, data breaches, reputational damage, regulatory action, and much more. We provide our clients with a structured approach for improving and implementing risk management that allows the clients to gain success in various implementations by reducing their time for value realization.

Corporate Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation process in which the possible purchaser confirms that the asset or business acquired is free from any kind of flaws. And with our competent team at Synovatic Cyber Solutions, we assist our clients in purchasing tax, financial, compliance, HR, and information technology with due diligence that is tailored as per your business requirements. There are various organizations that have benefitted from our experience with the identification of hidden risks, sell-side diligence services, valuable insight, and highlighting key deal issues on various transaction synergies. The list of our corporate due diligence serves for eliminating any fraud or crime from your organization include Counterparty due diligence, Integrity due diligence, senior management due diligence, anti-money laundering and KYC, anti-bribery and corruption investigation, dispute advisory services, and much more. Our team not only shadows all the legal requirements but also serve with a variety of plans to select from.

Business Investication

Business Investigation

Every business has different security requirements to fight against physical threats as well as other threats that can damage the reputation of the business and violate the rights and financial status of the company. Synovatic serves with premier business support services to protect the business. We rank among the top companies providing business intelligence, analysis, security, and investigation services. Our effective team helps the business in identifying, thwarting, and refuting security aspects from threats that may damage the activities, employees, assets, and reputation of the company. Our list of expert services includes counterparty due diligence, integrity due diligence, senior management due diligence, anti-money laundering, and KYC, anti-bribery and corruption investigation, and dispute advisory services to fight against corruption, fraud, and money laundering. Our team of proficient forensic analysts and investigators serves the clients with effective and innovative solutions that are globally approved and technically advanced by working on the facts that deliver tortious intelligence solutions.

Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics

Synovatic ranks among forensic practitioners globally. With years of experience, we come up with a strong network of experts in the field who are skilled in intelligence, accounting, economics, technology, and much more that elevate the reputational risk of our clients. Be it digital forensics or e-discovery and cyber forensics, our legal team is capable enough to help you with the right solution. The list of our services for forensics includes fraud risk and loss management, anti-bribery and corruption compliance, anti-money laundering services, intellectual property and contract compliance services, fraud and misconduct investigation, cyber fraud, brand protection, digital evidence recovery, data breaches forensics, etc. The main aim of our professional team is to assist our clients with advanced integrity by dealing with misconduct, fraud, assets, tracing funds, regulatory compliance, and commercial disputes. With advanced forensic capabilities like tech-driven intelligence, analytics, and resilient strategies, we help our client’s business transpire from crisis strongly, confidently, and quickly.